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Don’t wait for your technology to break! When your IT system does not work properly, everything grinds to a halt. With a standard break and repair service contract, you usually need to wait for something to break before your IT service provider can fix it. That condition seems to make sense even though it could easily result in hours of downtime. But what if you could keep your technology from breaking in the first place?

Prevent IT issues before they impact your business

Information Technology managed services offload some IT operations to IT managed service companies that means this type of service assumes ongoing responsibility for managing, monitoring, and problem-solving for IT systems on your behalf.

Managed IT service providers offer services like security, alerts, antivirus monitoring, patch management, data recovery, and backup for various devices, applications, networks, and servers. By entrusting this work to professionals, you will be able to focus on running your business without worrying about IT problems.

Why do you have to consider getting managed IT support?

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine any business that runs without using technology. It is necessary to operate well and compete effectively. As reliance on IT grows, you can quickly get overwhelmed with keeping your IT system up and running. If you fall behind in keeping up with things like security, patches, or backups, you might face an IT outage that will negatively influence your business.

Experience the benefits of managed IT solutions

Information Technology Concerns becomes an extension of your IT department and takes care of routine IT system monitoring and management 24/7 - freeing your staff to concentrate on more important projects. By proactively monitoring your infrastructure, Information Technology Concerns will help you avoid various technology issues before they affect your company.

With managed IT services from us, you can expect:

֎ Peace of mind – your IT infrastructure will be monitored around the clock.
֎ Less downtime – we will reveal and fix issues before they cause troubles.
֎ Fewer disruptions – most services will be provided either overnight or remotely.
֎ Predictable budgeting - all-inclusive, flat-rate IT services that include software and hardware.

Our managed IT services cost depends on your needs. Basic services include monitoring and notifying a provider of issues. Before taking on a new project, we perform an initial assessment of our client’s current IT system. We also consider his business type and budget requirements to provide the best, proactive approach that would adapt to his needs.

If you look for a reputable company offering managed IT services in Nepal, Information Technology Concerns will be happy to provide you with the necessary technical support level. Give us a call or complete our online contact form to discuss how we can help you increase your business efficiency and save your money and time.

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